The Entropics

Terrel "Terry" Lovett and Tony "Kitch" Paine have formed a duo act, called "The Entropics*."  The Entropics are geared towards playing venues where a full band sound is desired but a full band is not practical or affordable.  

The Entropics are a duo of extraordinary talent and range. Tony Paine on the Steel drums (Pans) the son of "Lord Kitchener" a calypso legend,  and Terrel Lovett, versatile guitarist, vocalist, composer and arranger, combine forces to create their unique blend of cool Caribbean flavored jazz-calypso and scorching mind boggling pan flurries plus all the expected Floribbean (Jimmy Buffet, etc.) styles, as well as popular, classic rock, smooth jazz, and country hits. Performing together since 1988 on Florida’s west coast.

Yes, from the sweet vocals of Terrel to the expert handling of the Steel drums by Kitch, the Entropics are the Act To Attract.