CD's & Sound Bytes

Here is a new live performance video of a popular Earth, Wind and Fire song



"Saturday Morning," by Maroon 5, performed by Terrel Lovett.

"Hotel California," by the Eagles, performed by Terrel Lovett.

"Easy Morning Waltz," written and performed by Terrel Lovett.

"Much in Common," written and performed by Terrel Lovett with harmonies by Michele Lovett.


The Entropics have a CD entitled "Entropics 'Live' Flawzenall".  This CD contains 17 songs, and you'll enjoy the same type of music that we perform at our gigs. The variety is amazing.  You can almost visualize the magic of Tony's pans accompanying the sweet voice and expert guitar playing of Terrel.  We think you will love it.


Terrel has two original spiritual CD's: "Songs from InnerCalm" and "Fruits from InnerCalm."  Terrel wrote and performed all of the songs, and produced and mastered both CD's.  These CD's are so beautiful and uplifting.  He performs many of these songs at Unity Church of Palm Harbor, either solo, with his wife, Michele, or with his church band, "The House Kats."  Since these songs are spiritual rather than religious, Terrel also performs several of them at gigs. 

To order a CD, please contact us by email at Terrel@TerrelLovett.com
and we will contact you back with ordering details.  CD's are only $12.00 (US), which includes US shipping and handling costs, payable by check or money order.